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We believe that community service is part of our social responsibility as a firm. Our pro bono work, driven by the individual concerns of our attorneys, spans a variety of charitable organizations (Amutot) and causes.

Examples of our community work include:
  • We counsel Gallop – A Bridge to Love and Openness, an organization providing therapeutic horse treatment for the advancement of people with special needs (including people suffering from autism and youth at risk).  We serve as legal counsel for this charitable organization and provide guidance on all matters, ranging from governance to liability issues.
  • We advise the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Ramat Gan. Our assistance includes advice on contracts and ongoing legal counsel.
  • We also advise Negba, an organization that operates several Houses of Hope in the Negev region, where young children and youth at risk receive complementary education and instruction on social skills, as well as material assistance. We provide Negba with ongoing legal advice.

We believe that our pro bono work benefits the individuals we serve and the public at large, as well as enhancing our lawyers’ sense of public service and their professionalism.