Corporate Law & Governance

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Our firm advises a variety of clients – founders, investors, early stage start-ups and mature companies – on all aspects of Israeli corporate law. In particular, we advise through all phases of the start-up process, from inception to maturity and liquidity.

Our corporate practice includes: advice and support through the entrepreneurial stage on pre-incorporation arrangements; structuring of interrelations between founders; corporate structure planning; incorporation documents and procedures; equity and debt financings, including seed funding, angel investments and venture financings; share and option incentive plans; equity buy-back and repurchase plans; executive management, board of directors and shareholders’ operations; corporate governance and the corporate regulatory environment; directors’ and officers’ duties and liability, indemnification and insurance; interested-party transactions; ongoing day-to-day corporate maintenance; corporate reporting and other regulatory requirements; registration a establishment in Israel of foreign-owned subsidiaries; mergers and acquisitions; private and public offerings of Israeli issuers and winding up of corporate entities.

Our proactive service approach, combining an in-depth understanding of the law and our diversified practical experindence, helps our clients maintain good corporate housekeeping and comply with the corporate requirements relevant to their business activities. We apply our know-how to all aspects of our clients’ dealings, advising them as to corporate law and corporate governance implications of various actions and transactions undertaken by them. We strive through vigilant, ongoing, corporate housekeeping to prepare an environment in which corporate due diligence processes and corporate actions, required in potential exit or other transactions involving our clients, can occur more efficiently and expeditiously.

Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Serving as company counsel in multiple share capital restructurings in an Israeli communication software start-up (which has raised approximately USD 50 million in several rounds of financing from Israeli and foreign venture capital funds and angels). Each restructuring was coupled with a multi-million dollar investment.
  • Serving as counsel to the Board of Directors of a government-owned investment company during its privatization process.
  • Provision of an expert opinion on Israeli corporate law to an Israeli publicly traded company in a class action instituted against it in the United States.