Our firm is always looking for excellent students to join us as interns. Our interns are an integral part of the office team, making active contributions to all office duties as a member of the work group handling each case.

The office uses a “pool” system, where everyone works with everyone.┬áThere is no separation into departments or permanent work groups. A work group is assembled for each task, consisting of attorneys and interns, as necessary. The work group, including its interns, follows the task from its inception to completion.

All interns accepted into our office participate in a comprehensive internal training program. This program is designed to introduce the interns to the main areas of practice at Sharir, Shiv and Co., by providing them with the necessary tools to handle initial tasks they will be assigned. This program also allows the intern to meet each of the permanent members of staff in an informal setting. From the moment candidates are accepted to the firm (prior to the formal beginning of the internship) and throughout the internship, they participate in seminars and training that we conduct from time to time.

Our firm combines a pleasant, informal atmosphere, encouraging the values of mutual assistance and cooperation, together with an unrelenting and uncompromising drive for excellence in professional legal service. We offer our interns a comfortable working environment, both physically and professionally, with the ultimate purpose of maximizing their learning potential and contribution.

A long-standing tradition at our firm is to welcome back the best of our interns as attorneys.
We are looking for interns who are of good character, with a high aptitude for legal analysis, articulate in both speech and writing, who are team players and can cope with daily challenges, are detail oriented and aspire to excel. As most of the work conducted in our office is in English, we expect our interns to have strong English skills, and a willingness to better their legal skills in this language. Interns are expected to be independent, self-motivated and have a keen sense of responsibility.If you are a student with excellent grades, matching the above professional and firm philosophy criteria, and are interested in joining our team, please contact us.