IFLR1000, Guide to the World’s Leading Financial Law Firms, has once again ranked Sharir, Shiv & Co. as one of Israel’s leading law firms

December 6, 2012

Once again, Sharir, Shiv & Co. have been ranked as one of Israel’s leading Financial Law Firms, as quoted in the recent edition of the IFLR1000 Guide.

“Yoram Shiv and Yuval Zilber are the two key partners at Sharir Shiv which has been acting on a number of mandates arising from distressed and insolvency situations in recent times. While client details remain confidential the firm’s key transactions include debt restructuring, secured financing and the enforcement of security interests.”

Sharir, Shiv & Co. received a notable mention by IFLR1000, placing the firm among the top 25 firms in Israel in the Financial and Corporate category.


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